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Espresso Scan is a Block and Analytics Explorer for The Espresso / NFTY Gaming Pool Smart Contracts Platform, a decentralized and provably fair game.


NFTY Gaming Pools

Create your own NFTY gaming pool that allows fans to enter with ethereum from any decentralized wallet and receive NFTY tokens that can be used to bid on your NFT in our marketplace. In addition, one lucky soul will be rewarded with one of your limited edition NFT's that comes with a Golden TIcket experience and half the pool rewards. The economics of each pool break down as follows…

  • 50% of the total pool goes to the winner of the NFTY Pool
  • 40% of the total pool goes to the yield farming contracts
  • 10% of the total pool is given to the creator of the NFTY Pool as a Creator Reward.

Golden Ticket Experiences

Make your NFT a digital All Access VIP Pass to unlocking priceless Golden Ticket Experiences. Offer your fans a dinner and meet up with their favorite celebrity. Coffee or pizza for a year for the owner of your NFT. Create red carpet or backstage passes and once in a lifetime opportunities. The Golden Ticket Experience makes your NFT priceless and gives your fans something to brag about.

For the fans

Espresso gives you a platform to engage and reach more fans with your NFT's and Golden Ticket Experiences. Reach millions who all can enter your NFTY gaming pool versus trying to find one fan with millions. Creators receive 10% of every NFTY gaming pool.

DEFI & Sustainable Yield Farming

Become a yield farmer and harvest your ethereum by staking your ESSO tokens. Every NFTY gaming pool delivers 40% of the pool to the yield farmers and staking contracts.

Getting started

Simple and easy to launch your own NFTY gaming pools. No coding required. You can launch in 4 easy steps.

  • Create the NFTY gaming pool
  • Create your NFT's
  • Pick a start date
  • Choose to end the NFTY gaming pool on a date and time or based on a number entries
  • Pay the gas and launch your NFTY gaming pool. (The address you pay the gas from is the address that receives the 10% creator reward for creating this NFTY gaming pool)